Advantages of workplace childcare

    Workplace childcare is proven to increase the attractiveness of jobs.

    Nowadays, there is a strong desire for compatibility between family and professional life. This makes the possibility of reconciling work and family life according to one’s personal requirements a key factor when determining the attractiveness of a workplace.

    It is not only employees with children who are happier and more productive when they do not need to worry about childcare; people at the beginning of their careers also value a corporate culture that has a positive attitude towards individual life paths.

    Qualified and motivated staff are increasingly one of the most important factors in determining a company's financial successful and competitive advantages.

    Employers who offer their employees flexible childcare or on-site nurseries are better able to retain their workforce and attract new personnel.

    • Competitive advantages when recruiting new personnel
    • Increased retention of qualified and motivated employees
    • Prompter return of employees from maternity or paternity leave
    • Proximity to the workplace saves time and increases flexibility
    • Increased motivation and satisfaction
    • As an employee benefit, exempt from tax and social security contributions (for children not yet of school age)

    “91% of employees with children consider the compatibility of work and family to play at least as important a role as salary when choosing an employer.” *

    *Source: survey by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs