Phorms Education partnerships

    We are experts in the development and operation of educational institutions.

    Across Germany, over 4,000 children and adolescents study at bilingual German-English Phorms nurseries and schools. As an educational network operating nationwide, we are well acquainted with the funding opportunities and legal education provisions in each of the individual German states. Over the past ten years, we have set up a number of nurseries and schools in cities and rural areas and manage them successfully with steadily rising student numbers.

    We are specialists in recruiting qualified teachers from around the world. Thanks to the synergies in our network and among our existing specialised staff in all areas, including HR, building management, finance, procurement and IT, we can develop nurseries and schools cost-effectively with comparatively short lead times, as well as managing them to high quality standards.

    As a competent partner for companies, we currently run three bilingual workplace nurseries, one reception, one primary school and one secondary school for the Schwarz group. As a result, our workplace childcare is always geared towards the next level of education because we are familiar with the relevant state and educational requirements, which benefits both children and parents.


    What sets us apart

    Years of experience
    Sponsorship for various workplace nurseries and five bilingual nurseries

    Small groups with optimal childcare ratios

    German-English educational concept for German and international families

    Rapid implementation
    Achievable in just a few months

    Customisable frameworks and educational concepts to meet parental and corporate needs