Ocean College

    04.03.2019 | Campus Berlin Süd

    Zwei Schüler des Phorms Gymnasiums Berlin Süd besuchen zurzeit das Ocean College. Hier berichtet Justus über die Zeit in Costa Rica. "A day full of food"

    "Buenos diaaas, chicos, desayuuuno", I heard our host granny’s voice through our door. I turned around underneath my fluffy leopard print blanket and by looking into the mirror on the wall I was able to see the sun shining through our window without moving my head. Very useful for lazy people (not saying that im lazy, though).
    After a quick breakfast, we packed our stuff for today’s hike, most important: some Costa Rican arrollados (google it). Then we were brought to the church in the center of St. Rafael where some of the others were already waiting. As soon as everyone was sitting in the bus, we were introduced to our new teacher Johannes and had to say goodbye to economics-mastermind Johannes (the other one) :(.
    On our way to the Irazú volcano, I slept. Im sorry Christin, no poetic description of the landscape. Arrived at the parking lot, Nick and I ate our only provisions because we were already so exhausted from sitting in the bus. After everyone made use of the toilets (or the bushes around the toilets), we moved on to the first lookout point and enjoyed the great view above two of the three crates.
    In one of them was a beautiful looking lake with crystal clear turquoise colored water. We continued walking to an even higher lookout with an even greater view, above the fluffy clouds. While Christian flew his drone, the others sat down and ate their snacks while admiring the view. The colour of the surface was similar to those of the moon except for a few green bushes.
    Our next destination was the Brumas de mi tierra restaurant. The many pastures with cows on them reminded me of Germany.
    For lunch, surprise surprise, it was rice, with either chicken, beef, fish, or vegetarian. Even though everyone probably consumed more than a ton of rice in the last few days, it still was a delicious lunch.
    Before returning to St. Rafael, we visited the Basilica de los Angeles. The church had round roof tops, which made her look like a mosque rather than a church. From the inside, the rooftops where revetted with a darkish looking wood and the sun shining through the yellow windows gave everything a warm and friendly touch.
    After returning to St. Rafael, Nick and I tried to find Churros but after half an hour without any success, we lost our motivation and made our way home. In the evening, our host took us shopping. It was already dark outside and it was fun to watch the joyful but also in some way mysterious night life of St. Rafael. Now I’m sitting on the cozy sofa in the living room of our family, satisfied and full from the spaghetti we had for dinner, writing this report and getting more and more tired. Good Night.
    Liebe Grüße an meine Familie und Freunde in Berlin. Besos, Justus