Working for Phorms | Phorms Education

    Are you a dedicated teacher who brings enthusiasm, commitment and a sense of inquisitiveness to the fore?

    Do you have specialist qualifications in the services sector and an interest in education? Then why not consider a career at Phorms Education!

    Working in the educational field

    At our schools we place great value in professional flexibility. There are no bells to signal break time, no conventional homework and no multitude of textbooks in use. What we do offer are small class sizes, individual support and generously equipped classrooms. This creates the scope for creative educational work to take place. Our teachers and teaching assistants display a high degree of initiative and are always one step ahead when it comes to the implementation of pedagogical objectives. They organise events such as student competitions or reading nights. They assist in the induction of new teachers and in PR activities.

    The motivation of our staff comes from the enthusiasm shown by the students themselves, from the innovative concept on which the school is based and from the open working atmosphere between employees and school management.

    Even in our nursery schools, the emphasis is very much on creativity and encouraging children to use their own initiative. Our nursery school teachers often have specialist qualifications (music, language, art, movement). They have a good instinct for the children’s talents and interests which they are then able to support and document.