Specialist Advice

    The specialist counselling department is a central service department at Phorms Education. It provides professional advice and support and initiates organisational development processes, with a particular focus on the following topics:

    •    personal development
    •    quality development
    •    structural changes caused by changing requirements/legal foundations
    •    improvements to working life
    •    expansion/establishment of further facilities

    The counselling and support services described above are aimed primarily at school administrators, teaching staff, work groups and colleges.

    Claudia Eichner-Orb has many years of professional and management experience in the pedagogical and psychosocial fields, with a focus on child protection. In addition, the educational and family counsellor has been working as a business coach for managerial and professional staff in the field of pedagogy and an independent educational counsellor and therapist in accordance with the law governing non-medical practice in psychotherapy since 2011.

    Contact: claudia.eichner-orb@phorms.de

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