Daniel Sanchez

    Daniel Sanchez brings experience and training from the U.S. where he graduated in Philosophy and Education from the University of California in Berkeley. For over 10 years he has worked to adapt the theory and concepts he learned as a student to develop his work as a mentor, teacher, sports coach, training facilitator and advocate.
    Daniel’s experience includes work in the non-profit sector advocating for inmates in the San Francisco County Jail where he also lead Anger Management and Health Realization classes. He has worked in the public school setting developing Individualized Education Plans for students with special needs in cooperation with school administrators, teachers, counselors and parents. In the non-public setting Daniel taught Physical Education and coached sports teams at a K-12 school for students with social, emotional and behavioral issues.
    He joined Phorms in 2012 and now works as the English Program Coordinator for the Berlin Süd Kindergarten. Current projects include enhancing the quality of support Native English Speaking Staff can provide in their groups and creating professional development opportunities to strengthen their skills. Daniel has also developed Setting up for Success, an English Program workshop for Berlin Süd and Berlin Mitte that addresses issues relevant to English and German educators as members of an international team.