Günter Kaufmann

    Günter Kaufmann has a teacher training degree for Gymnasium-level high school in sport and biology. He worked for various schools, associations and clubs in the 1980s. From 1992 onwards, he was a coach at Melle Landesturnschule (training centre for the Lower Saxony gymnastics association) and became the deputy head of training. He has done numerous professional development courses in moderation and presentation. Moreover, he is a qualified trainer under the German Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (DVNLP) and does systematic organisational consultancy work for clubs. He has also done 3 years of training in holistic, integrative breathing therapy.

    Workshops by Günter Kaufmann

    Workshop 1: Short of breath all day long? Developing mindfulness.
    ‘Time can be a monster that takes your breath away.’ The way we perceive time is speeding up by the day. Time races by and we often end up feeling breathless. It is high time to take a look inwards, learn how to feel our own breath again, and take a deep breath every once in a while. Focusing on our breathing is an effective way to become aware of our own bodies. Mindfulness enables us to take in and accept each internal and external experience in the present, free of any judgements.

    Workshop 2: Pulling together – team values and team development in schools / team values in nurseries.
    The team clock is always ticking. New colleagues, new children, new challenges. Awareness and acceptance of our own and others’ values form the foundations for treating others with respect, even in the event of conflicts. This in turn helps to build an awareness of the importance of differences when it comes to communicating values.