Colin Mortensen and Rob Macleod

    Colin Mortensen has worked abroad as a teacher and school leader at the American School of Madrid, the Amman Baccalaureate School and Phorms Frankfurt over the last twelve years. He has experience with North American curricula, the International Baccalaureate and he holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. Colin is currently in throws of finishing his Doctorate in the field of Educational Leadership, which he has been working on for the last five years. With regards to The Teachers College Reading and Writing Programs, Colin has over ten years of experience both teaching and implementing these programs as a school leader.

    Rob Macleod has worked as a primary teacher in Canada and Germany over the last eight years. Currently Rob is the curriculum coordinator and a Grade 4 classroom teacher at PHORMS Frankfurt Taunus campus. He has helped to launch the writer's and reader's workshop from Reception to Grade 4 at both Phorms Frankfurt City and Taunus.

    Workshop by Colin Mortensen and Rob Macleod

    Writer's Workshop. Student Centered Writing.
    You get better at something by doing it. Writing is no different. The Writer's Workshop is a student centered approach to teaching writing which maximizes differentiation, student choice and self-reflection. Learn how to optimize one on one conferences to support student's writing, develop meaningful writing assessments and launch the workshop model in your classroom.