Teacher | Phorms Education

    Our teachers are committed to supporting the talents of our students and to implementing our educational concept on a daily basis.

    They are prepared to take on responsibility and display both courage and inquisitiveness. They possess a deep understanding of individual educational needs and talents and are able to bring all their experience to bear in imparting a joy of learning. They collaborate with their colleagues on the further development of learning content and objectives. They are also committed to planning and delivering day-to-day teaching and understand the importance of evaluating learning outcomes and of engaging in extracurricular activities with the students. They are enthusiastic proponents of our educational concept and help us to disseminate our ideas more broadly.

    Are you used to providing students with emotional and professional support within their routine learning environment? Do you bring an above-average level of commitment to the process? Do you enjoy working in a team? Do you have an interest in new pedagogical concepts? Are you good at implementing ideas in practice? Would you like to be involved in bringing continuous improvement to the school at which you work?

    If so, you fit the bill perfectly and will only need to demonstrate the following formal requirements if you wish to join us. In Germany, you will have passed the first and second state examinations. Applicants from abroad will be in possession of an equivalent qualification (Teaching Certificate). We also ask for a number of years of experience and require our class teachers to have an excellent knowledge of spoken and written English.