Application tips for teachers | Phorms Education

    View your application as a unique opportunity to show us who you are and what you can do. Be open and be yourself.

    Your covering letter provides you with a chance to tell us what motivates you and to describe your own professional objectives. It will also offer us an initial impression of what you are like as a person. For this reason, it would be a pity if you merely make use of standard formulations or simply repeat your curriculum vitae.

    Your curriculum vitae should be impressive in terms of its structure and clarity. Divide your professional experience into sections of information (e.g. training, the year groups with which you have practical experience, knowledge of languages and extra-curricular commitment). We are keen to gain an insight into your personality rather than merely learning the "hard facts".

    We like to take the opportunity to meet you in person if the written profile you submit is persuasive. Ideally we issue you with a direct invitation to visit us at one of our locations where you will have the chance to convince us of your abilities by taking part in a test teaching session. We also invite prospective teaching assistants or childcare staff to spend a test day with us. These activities are followed by one or two interviews with the headteacher or Head of the Day Care Centre, the purpose being to get to know you better.

    If you apply from abroad, we usually conduct three telephone interviews with you in order to be able to assess your qualifications and experience. A comprehensive reference check is an important selection instrument for us and references are always taken up. We are also represented at many major recruitment fairs for international teaching staff in such countries as the United Kingdom, the USA or Canada.

    The aim of the interviews and test teaching session is for us to get to know you in as authentic a fashion as possible. Prepare well for the year group and topic allocated. You may not be able to complete everything you set out to do. This is normal. The important aspects for us are frank dialogue about a teacher’s own abilities and learning objectives and, of course, a willingness to improve performance a little each day.

    Show us your potential. We are looking forward to hearing from you.