IB Diploma | Phorms Education

    Since August 2014, the Phorms Campus München has offered students the opportunity to take part in the IB programme from Year 11, parallel with the Bavarian Abitur. This programme has been running since 1968.

    Students who wish to attain this diploma, sit the final exams at the same time worldwide and under the same conditions. Preparations for IB diploma exams begin with the transition to the secondary school senior class. Out of six subject groups, students take three “Higher Level” (HL) courses and three “Standard Level” (SL) courses, which at Phorms Campus München are the same as the Abitur courses. 

    At Phorms Campus München, German, English and History must be taken as HL courses and Biology, Mathematics and Geography as SL courses. Further subjects are to be added in the coming years. The IB is offered parallel to the Abitur and the content of the IB curriculum is conveyed in the regular Abitur courses as much as possible.

    Where the IB differs from the curriculum of Bavarian secondary schools, IB students must take additional IB classes. For example, all students taking English must attend four hours of classes per week from Year 11 onwards. IB students have an extra lesson hour per week with the specific aim of preparing them for the IB exams. Students must also take additional classes for other IB subjects, which are well integrated into Year 11 timetables.

    Sample Timetable of an IB student