AP - Advanced Placement | Phorms Education

    The Advanced Placement programme has been running since 1955. It was established by an American non-profit organisation, The College Board.

    Phorms secondary school students in the senior class in the Taunus, Berlin and Hamburg have the option of taking part in the international Advanced Placement programme and attaining the corresponding AP certificates.

    The programme is designed to test the knowledge and skills of advanced students at a university level. These certificates increase the chance of admittance to numerous German and international universities, including prestigious Cambridge and Oxford in the UK and Harvard in the US.

    At the same time, students can begin collecting important credits for college/university, saving them time and money in their later studies. Comprehensive independent studies have also shown that participation in the Advanced Placement programme leads to a significantly higher completion rate at universities.

    Wide selection of courses and options for exams

    In the senior years, we offer challenging preparatory courses at a college level and hold exams in Year 11 and Year 12. Students participate in broad spectrum of courses which prepare them for the academic level expected of them at university.

    At the end students can sit the relevant exam in their chosen subjects and thus attain individual certificates. For this they must pass the exam with at least a 3, on a scale from 5 (extremely well) to 1 (no recommendation). The subjects include English, German as a ‘world language’, History, Mathematics and the natural sciences.