Bilingual Education | Phorms Education

    Bilingualism is at the heart of Phorms’ philosophy. Bilingual education represents an advanced educational model in which two languages and two cultures are treated and used with equal importance. This results in high-quality education and a unique learning experience.

    Children taught under this model are in a position to make their way in two or more different cultures. Bilingual education has the additional benefit of fostering the development of more creative and flexible thinking, problem-solving abilities and analytical skills. This means the students reach a broader range of learning goals.

    At Phorms, the children learn their non-native language through the immersion method, which ensures optimal language acquisition. They are completely immersed in the new language, and thus learn it without certain pressures. This is all made possible by qualified teachers, each of whom communicates with the children in one of the two languages at a mother-tongue level.