Selena Mell

    Selena Mell (B.A, B.Ed., M.Ed.) comes from Canada and has been involved in the field of Education, in a range of positions from Kindergarten to Adult Education, since 1989. She studied in Canada, France and the USA in French/English Literature, Special Education, and Educational Leadership. After her studies and successful teaching at Canadian immersion schools, she worked as the Head of School in schools in Canada, and in Senior Leadership positions in Chile and Abu Dhabi. Before joining Phorms Education in 2015, she was working for Vanderbilt University and the Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi (ADEC) as an Instructional Leadership Coach for school leaders.

    Selena’s workshops will touch upon best practice identified from research, combined with 28 years of experience in teaching and leading bilingual/immersion programs, chairing school accreditation teams and working with teachers, school leaders, parents and various government agencies in different programs and countries.