Silke Schönrade

    Silke Schönrade has been working as a qualified sports scientist (German Sport University Cologne), textbook author, interior design and spatial concept consultant in nurseries, and a lecturer in Germany and abroad, for more than 20 years.
    The varied experiences of early childhood enrich her lively, practically oriented seminars and (team) training courses. Many of her ideas have been implemented successfully in actual nurseries.

    She teaches her specific subjects with passion and determination, always focusing on the needs of children and taking the latest pedagogic discussions into account.

    Workshops by Silke Schönrade

    Workshop 1: Educational spaces for children — Play room as a stimulating world of education
    Age range: 1-6 years
    Nurseries are becoming an increasingly essential aspect of our children’s lives. For this reason, their interior design is becoming more important. Spatial planning that is educationally stimulating and fostering, an environment that prepares the children for their education, intellectually inspiring places to play, and an attractively harmonious space are key pillars. Many photographic examples illustrate how functional corners can become educational areas, and how order, structure and clarity are conducive to children's playing behaviour.
    Workshop held in German.

    Workshop 2: ‘Adventures of the little witch’ – observing, understanding, evaluating and encouraging movement and cognition
    Age range: 4-7 years
    The observation process ‘Adventures of the little witch’ is a useful tool for monitoring and documenting the cognitive and motor development of children aged four to seven. The children are presented with 24 different playful tasks through the medium of three stories. Educators gain nuanced insight into fundamental areas of the child’s development and become familiar with a resource-based perspective, which focuses on the child's strengths.
    Workshop held in German.