Peter Bower

    Online Safety Consultant – UK Safer Internet Centre

    Peter was a Modern Foreign Languages teacher and Assistant Headteacher for 29 years with responsibility for student welfare in a UK school. He had overall pastoral responsibility in the school and was the designated Child Protection Officer. As a result of Peter’s increasing focus on internet safety he was invited to provide consultancy to the South West Grid for Learning and then, subsequently, to the UK Safer Internet Centre. Peter then left his teaching post in 2009 in order to develop training and resources in protecting children in the online world and is now widely known as a key note speaker and trainer. He addresses regional and national conferences and delivers workshops about the online world and its impact on the development of children and young people.
    Peter’s main work is in schools, academies and FE and HE institutions and he delivers education about online activity and safety to pupils, students, staff and parents. His main passion is the work he undertakes with children and young people involving assemblies, classroom sessions, small group work, peer-led sessions and workshops. As a secondary trained teacher Peter admits that working with children and young people, from aged 4 up to 19, about the online world, makes him feel excited, inspired, sometimes frightened, and always ancient!

    Workshops by Peter Bower

    Workshop 1: The online activity of children and young people. It’s impact on learning and development.

    In this workshop we will look at the present online world for children and young people; the games, the social networks and media sites, at the increase in uploading and broadcasting apps, at communication platforms and at risks and benefits. Delegates will have opportunities to share their own personal experiences working with children and young people and to discuss the impact of technology on the way their pupils learn, communicate and develop.

    The workshop will include:
    •    An overview of the online landscape for children and young people 2017
    •    A discussion around the risks and benefits of the online world
    •    An assessment of current trends; social networking, media, gaming, broadcasting, relationships communications, cyberbullying
    •    A focus on the impact of technology on learning
    •    A sharing of good practice on engaging with children, young people and their families

    Please note: This workshop is not about the teaching of IT or computing. It is about the behaviours and attitudes of our pupils in their online world, and the impact it has on learning.

    Workshop held in English.

    Workshop 2: Teaching online citizenship. Digital literacy and citizenship in the classroom.

    In this workshop delegates will have the opportunity to assess the provision of online safety in their schools. The workshop will also consider ways to embed digital citizenship in classrooms, examining different classroom resources and sharing ideas of what works and how to involve pupils in changing the culture of online responsibility.

    The workshop will include:
    •    The management of online safety in schools – self review processes
    •    The impact of online activity on learning
    •    Present resources
    •    Embedding digital literacy in all classrooms
    •    Sharing outstanding practice

    Workshop held in English.