Mona Pomrehn

    Communication and Healthcare Manager

    After completing a degree in public health, a long stint working as a PR manager in a large hospital group, and a wide range of professional development courses in the field of health promotion, Mona Pomrehn now specialises in corporate communications in the healthcare sector and the promotion of healthcare among individuals and businesses. Two areas that are close to her heart and have a lot in common: helping people and the need for suitable healthcare concepts and measures. Ms. Pomrehn has been passionately pursuing these interests for many years.

    Workshops by Mona Pomrehn

    Workshop 1: Decrease stress – a strategy for highly stressful situations
    Whether professional or personal, highly stressful situations that we cannot predict arise on a regular basis. How can we succeed in keeping a cool head and remaining functional during these times? Participants will receive a short introduction to the topic of stress, reflect on their personal experiences of stress and engage with a strategy for dealing with highly strenuous situations – simple, effective and applicable in any context.

    Workshop language: German

    Workshop 2: Yoga. Breathing. Mindfulness.

    The workshop offers the opportunity to mentally relax and generate new energy for everyday (working) life. There is a focus on maintaining a relaxed posture, as well as breathing and mindfulness exercises. The exercises are designed in such a way that they can be applied by all participants. The workshop is rounded off with suggestions for how to implement these strategies in everyday (working) life.

    Workshop language: German

    Workshop 3: Self-care in everyday (working) life
    A careful and considerate approach to oneself is an important resource in remaining healthy and functional despite the high demands of our everyday (working) lives. The workshop invites participants to engage with their personal energy levels to identify energy sources and use these in a targeted way in their everyday (working) lives.

    Workshop language: German