Marcel Schröter

    Marcel Schröter holds a degree in forestry research and is a qualified nursery teacher. He spent several years working in an outdoor nursery and teaches prospective nursery teachers about environmental education. He believes that practical experiences in nature are an important part of a child’s healthy development. As a nursery teacher, he noticed how musical instruments could have an enriching effect on day-to-day life. Inspired by this realisation, he taught himself to play the ukulele. He now tries to incorporate the ukulele into his work as a teacher and nursery teacher whenever he can. He enjoys sharing his passion for nature and the ukulele with his colleagues.

    Workshops by Marcel Schröter

    Workshop 1: Nature’s playground and nature’s workshop
    No matter what time of year it is, nature provides children with an exciting space for development: During the workshop, participants learn about the concepts behind outdoor nurseries, suitable natural spaces for working with children, the rules for a successful outdoor activity, and the equipment needed for the children. A collection of German training materials will be presented, which will help nursery teachers learn more about games based around experiencing nature, for example.
    For a long time, natural materials formed the basis for the majority of children’s toys. Today, they are still used in early years’ education as basis for arts and crafts. Take home some new ideas for your nursery, get to know more about natural materials, and find out about the tools you need.

    Target group: Nursery

    Language: German/English

    Workshop 2: The ukulele - fun for children and teachers
    Have you always wanted to accompany your children’s singing with an instrument? Why not try a ukulele! The basics are very easy to learn and, with a little bit of practice, you will soon be ready to play along with popular children’s songs.
    Participants at the workshop will learn how to tune the ukulele and how to play a few chords and patterns. Afterwards you can access countless tutorials online that will help you to independently hone your ukulele playing. Eight soprano ukuleles will be available for this introductory session, giving participants the chance to practise their skills.

    Target group: Nursery/primary school

    Language: German/English