Fran Prolman

    Dr. Prolman offers 30 years of educational experience as a teacher, staff developer, administrator, graduate level university instructor and published author.

    She is known for her depth of knowledge coupled with high energy and practical application of content.
    Dr. Prolman earned her doctorate in teacher training and international education from George Washington University and a master’s degree in educational administration and curriculum and instruction from the University of Pennsylvania.

    She has twice been a Fulbright Scholar, in India and Israel.

    Over the last 15 years, Dr. Prolman has given numerous presentations and keynote speeches at state, national and international conferences, including The European Council for International Schools, The Near East/South Asia Association of International Schools, The African International Schools Association, The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, The Princeton University Principal’s Center and Columbia University Teachers’ College Study Council.

    Workshops by Fran Prolman

    Workshop 1: Building empathy

    Empathy is the ability to see a world through the perspective of others, make an effort to seek to understand, withhold judgment and facilitate understanding.  Empathy is also the foundation for effective schools, collaborative teams and personalized learning in every classroom.

    This workshop will highlight the attributes of empathy, and how to expand your empathy skills Outcomes include skills to:
    • expand your perspective
    • delineate the difference between empathy and sympathy
    • withhold your judgment
    • listen for emotion in others and in yourself

    This workshop will expand your set of eyes in very practical ways.

    Workshop held in English.

    Workshop 2: Formative assessment and feedback

    This workshop highlights practical strategies to personalize learning through real-time, formative assessment strategies and feedback.  Learn how to collect formative assessment data embedded during the lesson, reflect and analyze it, and provide feedback in the moment.  Expand your repertoire of formative assessment strategies. Broaden your perspective on assessment as a learning opportunity, and build a culture of descriptive feedback that is sought after and embraced.

    Workshop held in English.

    Workshop 3: Teaching for Deep Conceptual Understanding

    This workshop models additional instructional strategies to move student thinking away from recall and rote interaction toward deep conceptual understanding.  Habits of mind for metacognition and higher-level thinking, visible thinking tools for making long-term connections, and question posing for reflective practice will be shared and modeled.  Practical handouts with scores of additional strategies will be provided.