Felix Fähnrich and Carsten Thein

    Felix Fähnrich and Carsten Thein teach mathematics, physics and natural sciences and technology at the Wilhelm Hausenstein Gymnasium (WHG) in Durmersheim.

    Their goal is to make the subject of mathematics accessible to students through a modern, motivating approach. It is particularly important to them that their students can work independently, organise their own work during their lessons, have enough time to practice and do not shy away from difficult exercises.

    Workshops by Felix Fähnrich and Carsten Thein

    Workshop 1: Use of explanatory videos. More lesson time with the “Flip the Classroom” method

    Flip the Classroom – we turn teaching upside down. Students acquire the theoretical foundations of their subjects at home and at their own pace with our explanatory videos. In the classroom, students practice with different methods and exercises, and the knowledge taught in the videos is expanded, supplemented and connected.
    We present this concept in depth, illustrate it using concrete examples, and discuss the different types of explanatory videos and their use in a classroom context. We further explore the option of actively involving the students in the learning process by allowing them to create their own explanatory videos.

    Workshop 2: Conceptualisation and creation of explanatory videos using tablets

    Explanatory videos are already a part of the everyday lives of many students. They use www.youtube.com to learn about cooking, cosmetics and computer games. In a school context, on the other hand, explanatory videos have played a relatively minor role up to now. They offer a wide range of possibilities, such as the ‘Flip the Classroom’ method, the creation of videos by the students themselves, or the selective use of individual videos to repeat, differentiate and prepare lesson content.
    This training uses the cross-platform software ‘Explain Everything’ (Windows, Android, iOS) to show how explanatory videos can be created quickly and easily.
    The workshop focuses not only on the technical aspects of video creation, but also conveys the general conceptualisation and structure of explanatory videos.
    At the end of the training, every participant should be able to take home their very own explanatory video. Tablets are provided for all participants as part of the workshop.