Cara Schafer

    Cara Shafer is a long-standing employee of Phorms Education.
    She has been working as a teacher for English, French and Spanish at the Phorms Primary School Berlin Mitte since 2007.

    Workshop by Cara Shafer

    I Love Teaching: Hints and Hacks to help you face challenges in the classroom and keep your passion for your profession even after 25 years.
    This is a discussion with two objectives. The first is to share the tricks I use and give others the opportunity to share their tricks, for things like „make read aloud time less stressful for students and teacher”.
    The second objective is to inspire teachers and make them proud of their profession. This includes remembering why we became teacher, the power of our influence, modeling behavior and addressing challenges and identifying a personal philosophy of teaching.
    It will be an opportunity to share my nearly 25 years of experience and passion for teaching.