Candace Grossjohann and Laura Hart

    School Psychologist and Student Support Services Coordinator

    Dr. Candace Grossjohann has been engaged in the field of education and public health for over 20 years as a direct service provider, trainer, consultant, researcher and administrator.  She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Hofstra University in New York, and both her Masters and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island, USA.  Candace is in her third year involved in education in Berlin.

    Year 6 teacher and SEN Coordinator

    For the past 7 years Laura Hart has been working as a primary school teacher with a focus on children with SEN. She gained the official role of SENco at Phorms Berlin Süd in 2016.  Earning a degree in Primary Education with a specialism of Additional Needs from Edge Hill University, she has been involved in the field of education for 10 years. Prior to Phorms she worked at Ardley Lower School in the outskirts of London.

    Workshop by Candace Grossjohann and Laura Hart

    Building a Student Support Services Model

    Student Support Services (SSS) include prevention, intervention, transition and direct services for students and families. The role of our SSS professionals is to provide direct services for all students, especially those who are experiencing problems that create barriers to positive social interactions, emotional well-being, self-regulation or learning. Direct services are provided by means such as differentiated learning opportunities, counseling, behavior intervention plans, targeted lessons, consultation and individual assessment. In addition, our SSS personnel provide in-service training, parent education, and work directly with Teacher Assistants who help manage the data around social/emotional and behavioral needs.
    We believe that student support services are a vital part of comprehensive school program success and must include every member of the school community. This workshop will review the model implemented at Phorms Berlin Süd Primary School, over the past year, and highlights strengths and needs of the model.

    Workshop held in English.