Amy Newiss and Joseph Pierce

    Amy Newiss has been a specialist music teacher for 15 years, working with Kita, Primary and Secondary students. She successfully ran a Performing Arts department in an inner-city London high school for several years. At Phorms Berlin Süd, Amy led regular singing assemblies, teaching songs each week ready for performance. Now based at Phorms Berlin Mitte, she is currently teaching Music to grade 1 and 2 and assisting with singing in the older years.

    Joseph Pierce has received music education training from the University of Arizona and has taught music for the past 3 years as a certified teacher. Joseph has worked extensively with younger voices through organizations like the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus, as well as with outreach programs in conjunction with the University of Arizona for the past 10 years. Currently, he teaches general music to grade 3-6 at Phorms Berlin Mitte, while also teaching a choir in each year group and a staff choir.

    Workshop by Amy Newiss and Joseph Pierce

    Singing with Your Class – Simple Techniques
    The purpose of this workshop is to enable classroom teachers to sing more with their class; to give simple, effective techniques for warming up and teaching songs; to give classroom teachers confidence in their singing ability; to explain how to incorporate songs into schemes of work for quicker learning; to understand how learning songs can speed up the rate at which students learn and retain new vocabulary.

    •    introduction – why sing with your class
    •    warm-ups – how and why to do it
    •    vocal technique – what you need to know (ranges and age appropriate songs)
    •    how to teach a song – a simple technique for teaching songs
    •    learn 2 songs using the technique, one lower primary with actions, one upper primary
    •    use the technique to teach a partner a song you know
    •    discussion – problem shooting, further questions, etc

    Through attending the course, teachers will hopefully feel more confident to sing with their students and incorporate singing into their schemes of work, thus enabling more kinesthetic (actions) and auditory (singing) learning to take place across Phorms.